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Dark Sky Park

If you are interested in astronomy, or if you simply love star-gazing, then you are in the right place!  Galloway is a region that suffers little light pollution and it is among just a few regions in UK recognised for clear skies.  In 2009 it was announced that Galloway Forest Park was a Dark Sky Park - the first in UK. This is little surprise, because Galloway has 75,000 hectares of land with limited numbers of buildings, which ensure that light pollution is at a minimum.  You can, of course, view the stars quite comfortably from Covenanters Cottage.  However, if you wanted to be a part of the 'bigger picture', then Galloway Forest Park has many locations where you may bring and set up your telescope.

The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory - Nr Loch Doon, Dalmellington
This new public observatory lies within the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park. The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory occupies a fantastic hilltop site on the edge of the Galloway Forest Park, near Dalmellington. It offers events throughout the year and is a must for stargazers and astronomers alike.

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